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Eduardo Ramos
Center for Energy Research
National Autonomous University of Mexico
Ap.P. 34, 62580 Temixco Mor.

e-mail: erm@cie.unam.mx   ;   eramos@servidor.unam.mx

Tel: 52 (55) 562-29701 (office)
52 (55) 562-29782 (laboratory)
52 (55) 562-29741 (secretary)

Research interests

Dynamics of fluids and heat transfer
Nonlinear phenomena
Numerical methods in fluid dynamics
Flow visualization

Selected Publications

Sen M. and Ramos E. A general transport model for spatial non-locality: application to porous media. Transport in Porous Media vol. 92, 29-39, 2012

Figueroa A., Cuevas S. and Ramos E. Electromagnetically driven oscillatory shallow layer flow Phys. Fluids 23, 013601, 2011

Beltran A., Ramos E., Cuevas S. y Brons M. Bifurcation analysis in a vortex flowgenerated by an oscillatory magnetic obstacle. Phys Rev E. vol 81, 036309, 2010

Figueroa, A., Demiaux, F., Cuevas S. and Ramos E. Electrically driven vortices ina weak dipolar magnetic field in a shallow electrolytic layer. J. Fluid Mech. vol. 641, 245 ¿ 261, 2009

Ovando G., Juarez H., Huelsz G. and Ramos E. Vortex formation in a cavity with oscillating walls. Phys. Fluids vol 21, 0241101, 2009 [pdf]

Lee A.T., Ramos E. and Sweeny H.L. Sedimenting sphere in a variable-gap Hele-Shaw cell. J. Fluid Mech. vol 586, pp. 449-464, 2007. [pdf]

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